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Music for Dr Power

A list of melodies and songs associated with the mystery series.

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The mysteries are set around the county of Cheshire and nearby. A set of music has been suggested by readers; these suggestions accompany some of the music that inspired the author, Hugh Greene whilst writing the original novels. "

For The Good Shepherd

The Dreamscape by Chad Seiter
Symphony No. 6 by Vaughan Williams
Mosquito by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Mosquito by Flexness
Infra 2 Max Richter
Recomposed: Vivaldi Four seasons by Max Richter – Spring 0, Spring 1, Shadow 2, Winter 2, Winter 3.
The Lord is My Shepherd (John Rutter)
Shepherd of Fire (Avenged Sevenfold)
Shepherd’s Chorus (Contenti N’andremo) (Respighi)
Good Shepherd (Wovenhand)

For the Fire of Love

The Fire of Love (The Gun Club)
4 Sea Interludes by Benjamin Britten

For the Darkening Sky

Darkening Sky (Peter Bradley Adams)Leylines (Aes Dana) Alignments (Aes Dana)
Sky Quest (Toby Langton Gilks)
Sky Strikeforce (David Hughes, John Murphy)
Sky Dark Orchestral Hardcore (David Hughes, John Murphy)