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Dr Power's Casebook

Short stories; from times between the novels.
Locations / Illustrations

Published in 2015, 218 pages
available on Kindle,
Paperback, and iBooks

"Snowflakes fell; soft, white, cold and fluffy. The flakes drifted slowly down through the still air to settle on the silent, flat stones of the Edge. The red sandstone escarpment was gradually being carpeted in a white blanket of snow. Under the heavy grey sky whirling flakes swirled round and smothered Thieves Point, Stormy Point and the Wizard’s Well. "

Dr Power's Casebook

Dr Power's Casebook is a collection of 14 new Dr Power short stories by Hugh Greene. Each has a particular diagnosis in mind and reveals different elements of the psychiatrist detective's life. The book is for aficinados of the acclaimed Dr Power / Superintendent Lynch novels and answers questions about Dr Power and the other characters and includes important clues to the rest of the series. The stories are woven around events in the three novels The Darkening Sky, The Fire of Love and The Good Shepherd.

How do the stories fit in to the series?

Time / Story

Summer 1993 The Darkening Sky (novel)
December 1993 Christmas 1993
13th March 1994 Delirium
June 1994 The Dark
Summer 1994 The Fire of Love (novel)
September 1994 The Soldier
September 1994 The Scissors
October 1994 The Porsche
December 1994 The Shooting Range
February 1995 The Artist
May 1996 The Farm
June 16/17 1996 The Fallen Man
March 1997 Magpies (Eliza)
April 1997 The Unmother
Summer 1997 The Good Shepherd (novel)
December 1997 Christmas 1997
March 1998 Journey’s End
1998 Schrödinger’s God (novel)