Book Cover by Paul Gent

Son of Darkness: Illustrations

The fabulous illustrations featured in the novel

Son of Darkness is set in Northern England and is illustrated by Paul Gent. After a plane crash into an apparently deserted farm in Lindow. Power and Lynch are called in to solve a series of historical and current crimes. An old enemy resurfaces and a new character arrives in Power's life. The narrative is largely set in the village of Alderley Edge where Power lives, and also in the cathedral city of Chester. There is an unillustrated version.


Paul Gent's illustrative style is more naturalistic and he brought a new vision to the depiction of Dr Power and detective Lynch. Compare his illustration with an earlier version of the duo.

Power and Lynch - Gent Power and Lynch - Imrie

A setting in the novel is a fictional farm at nearby Lindow Moss. A map of the area in relation to Alderley Edge is below:

Map- Lindow and Alderley

The illustrations are based on location research.

Willow Tea Rooms, Glasgow

The Willow Tea Rooms in Glasgow are a location for Lynch and Power's meeting with a witness. Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed tea rooms for Mrs Cranston in 20th Century Glasgow.

Paul Gent renders the research into the following illustration of Power and Lynch at the Willow Tea Rooms.

Willow Tea Rooms by Paul Gent