Book Cover by Paul Imrie

The Darkening Sky: Locations

The wonderful locations featured in the novel

The Darkening Sky is set in Northern England - in leafy Cheshire and Liverpool, and also in North Wales. The action alternates between various locations in the county of Cheshire as Power and Lynch race to solve a series of crimes. The narrative is largely set in the village of Alderley Edge where Power lives, and also in the cathedral city of Chester.


Alderley Edge: The Woods behind Power's house.

Dr Power lives in Alderley Edge, close to the Edge itself - a wooded, sandstone escarpment. A magical landscape associated with a wealth of folklore, history and prehistory.

The Edge

The Edge is a beautiful world, set high above Cheshire with spectacular views. Below the Edge lies the village of Alderley, a busy, monied world of bistros and cakeshops.

Alderley Wood Vilage Streetscene

Food is a central theme of the Dr Power novels. Dr Power loves his food and often journeys down the hill to replenish his larder.

Bakery Wienholt's Cake

Dr Power and Supt. Lynch also spend time in the City of Chester where the Police Headquarters used to be. Below, the restaurant where Power and Lynch first dine and are spied upon. 

Restaurant where Power and Lynch dine. Religious art

Chester's Cathedral has elements that date from at least the 13th Century.