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Son of Darkness: Locations

The wonderful locations featured in the novel

Son of Darkness is set in Northern England - in leafy Cheshire and Manchester. The action alternates between various locations in the county of Cheshire as Power and Lynch solve a series of historical and current crimes. An old enemy resurfaces and a new character arrives in Power's life. The narrative is largely set in the village of Alderley Edge where Power lives, and also in the cathedral city of Chester.


Dr Power lives in Alderley Edge, close to the Edge itself - a wooded, sandstone escarpment. The Edge is a magical landscape associated with a wealth of folklore, history and prehistory.

Alderley Summer Autum Woods

A setting in the novel is a fictional farm at nearby Lindow Moss (below), an equally ancient site with a black lake - the Celtic for Black Lake is llyn ddu, the derivation of Lindow.

Llyn ddu

The Mines - The Edge is a beautiful world, set high above Cheshire, but the Edge is also riddled with tunnels from old mine workings and caves. Visitors to the Edge are often unaware of the danger lurking beneath the surface. Copper (and later cobalt mines) date back to the Bronze Age and were once an industrial feature of the landscape.

Outer marking of a mine Inner landscape

For lively folk there are occasional chances to book onto tours down the Alderley mines, run by the Derbyshire Caving Club.

Copper stained rock.

Singing Post

A singing post - at times of possible collapse the wooden post would sing or keen.

A diversion to Glasgow.

Willow Tea RoomsA cup of Darjeeling

Dr Power and Lynch take refuge in the Willow Team Rooms in Glasgow. Power has a steaming cup of Darjeeling.

Lynch researches the identity of Mr Heaney at the University of Manchester.

Univesity of Manchester

The University Buildings from 1903 were designed by Waterhouse, who is the putative architect of Dr Power's house in Alderley Edge. Some of the novel was also researched and written at the University Library.