Frontispiece by Paul Imrie

The Fire of Love

The second  Dr Power novel, set in 1994.
Locations / Illustrations

Published in 2014 -
available on Kindle,
Paperback, and iBooks

"But not before my heart had kindled

With the fire of love

And deep within me had burst

into songs of love."

Richard Rolle, 14th Century

A planned arson attack devastates Heaton Hall and kills the owner as he sleeps. In the subsequent murder investigation the obvious suspect, attractive Zoe from the nearby village, is arrested protesting her innocence and awaits trial.

After interviewing her, Dr Power, is convinced she is telling the truth and sets about to prove the fact, bringing in Detective Superintendent Lynch for advice and assistance.

However, disquiet sets in as Power realises he is falling under the spell of her charms and he reluctantly realises that her story may be pure fantasy.

As the mystery unfolds, Power and Lynch uncover a tangled web of deceit, which they must solve if they are to determine the truth behind the murder.