Book Cover by Paul Imrie

Schrödinger's God

The FOURTH Dr Power Murder Mystery

Schrödinger's God is a tense psychological thriller. The narrative is set in Northern Spain and leafy Cheshire. A peaceful holiday for Dr Power, and Supt. Lynch, walking St James's Way to Santiago del Compostela takes a tragic turn. Power and Lynch are compelled to solve two shocking murders, while unraveling secrets and a conspiracy that spans the Continent. Schrödinger’s God follows The Darkening Sky, The Fire of Love and The Good Shepherd. Cover and Illustrations by Paul Imrie


Author : Hugh Greene

Published : 2017  ISBN-10 : 1522774041 ISBN-13 : 978-1522774044 (376 pages)

Editor and Typesetting: Judith Eddles

Setting :1998

Further Information

Schrodingers God won a Finalist Award from the Book Excellence Awards in 2019.

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