Book Cover by Paul Imrie

The Darkening Sky

The first Dr Power novel, set in 1993.
Locations / Illustrations

Published in 2014 -
available on Kindle,
Paperback, and iBooks

"The sky is darkening like a stain;

Something is going to fall like rain,

And it won't be flowers."

W H Auden

Dr Carl Power’s life is almost perfect, he has a successful career as a Consultant Psychiatrist, he lives in an enviable house in an idyllic spot in Cheshire and he is looking forward to spending the evening with his beautiful girlfriend, Eve, and hoping she will agree to make the relationship more permanent.

However his life is about to change when an emergency patient rushes into the hospital demanding to see Dr Power, announcing that ‘it is beginning’.

And so starts a sequence of disturbing events, the next being the horrific discovery of a young girl’s body in the woods behind Power’s house. As an early suspect of the crime Power will now meet Detective Andrew Lynch for the very first time. As more horror unfolds, Power and Lynch race to solve the case…

This is the first novel in the Dr Power / Superintendent Lynch mystery series.

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