Book Cover by Paul Gent

Son of Darkness

The fourth Dr Power novel, set in Autumn 2003.
Locations / Illustrations

Published in 2019, 501 pages
available on Kindle,
Paperback, and iBooks

"Son of darkness; Murderous mother's only child Forged in darkness, Born in darkness, Schooled in darkness, Grown in darkness to Monstrous Manhood. "

Son of Darkness

The farm by the dark lake at Lindow had been thought deserted for years, but after a light aircraft plunges out of the sky into the farmhouse, police make a shocking discovery and decide to call in Professor Power and Detective Lynch as expert consultants.The story of the farm at Lindow is so big that it occupies the national news for weeks.Professor Power must find the answer to the riddle of missing persons from the present and the distant past, by unearthing secrets buried deep for generations. Will he solve the mystery before ghosts from his own past catch up with him and which are threatening to either end his life - or change it forever.