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Son of Darkness

The fourth Dr Power novel, set in Autumn 2003.
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Published in 2019, 501 pages
available on Kindle,
Paperback, and iBooks

"Son of darkness; Murderous mother's only child Forged in darkness, Born in darkness, Schooled in darkness, Grown in darkness to Monstrous Manhood."

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A mysterious plane crash. A freezer full of bodies. An old enemy out for revenge...

When an aircraft plunges from the sky and destroys an abandoned farmhouse, police arrive on the scene to search for survivors – and make a horrifying discovery that shocks the sleepy village of Lindow Moss to the bone.

Called in to investigate the case are seasoned Detective Lynch and Professor Power. Tasked with helping identify bodies, the pair uncover a chilling string of murders... and a suspected serial killer who knows they’re on the case. As a national manhunt commences, Professor Power must delve into the shadowy world of the homeless to track the elusive murderer who always seems to stay one step ahead.

So, when an old adversary reappears with his sights set on the professor’s family, the case becomes a race against time before his own flesh and blood become the next victims. As they grow closer to unearthing a generations-old mystery, Professor Power begins to realize that the truth is far more terrifying than he ever thought possible...

If you’re a fan of exhilarating murder mysteries filled with suspense and danger, you don’t want to miss this riveting Professor Power mystery.

What readers are saying about Son of Darkness:

★★★★★ - “...Gripping, tense moments and unexpected twists. Suspenseful and cleverly plotted.”

★★★★★ - “Hugh Greene is an author that writes psychology in such a way that it transcends horror... The author has created one of the most intriguing and dark worlds within our own that I have ever read.”

★★★★★ - “It got me hooked but gave no clues as what lay ahead and I was left curious to know where this would lead and just had to read more.”